About Our Company

Since the inception of our company in 1999, APAC has provided low cost solutions to our customers. We have many years of manufacturing and trading experience in Asia, and have witnessed vast changes in the global landscape over the last several decades. International trading and distribution has never been more competitive or sophisticated than it is today, and with our years of experience we are well positioned to help you find the most cost effective solutions.

Arguably the most important aspects to the food, agriculture and chemical industries are quality control, traceability and environmental safety. Since APAC manufactures our own food preservatives, we are especially aware of the importance of compliance and safety. We actively engage in discussions with our customers, vendors, auditors and regulatory agencies in order to continue supplying the best quality products in a reliable and sustainable manner.

At APAC, we believe people are the most valuable assets. From our top management that has over 40 years of chemical engineering and distribution experience, to our logistics and sales teams that work diligently to provide the best solutions, every person at our company is integral to our success. We believe in fostering an open and communicative environment within our company, as well as with our vendors and customers. We would love to hear from you with suggestions on how to better improve our service.